Sample of Seminar

During the live or "synchronous" seminars, students can see and hear in real time the instructor and any screen he or she shares. In addition, students can raise their hands to ask questions, and students can hear any student upon whom the instructor calls. Students are encouraged to share not just their audio but also video of themselves.

There is no need to download or install any software whatsoever, if yours is one of the over 99% of all computers that already has the Flash Media player. Our technicians recommend that students download a small piece of software called a "plug-in" to enhance the performance of their browser, but it is not required. Students joining seminars from secure computers or computers on which they do not have Administrator permissions should have no problems, as long as they have a connection to the Internet, a web browser, and a microphone. In addition, our technicians can help you set up your computer, if you do have a problem.

Here is a screen capture image of a seminar in progress. The red circle highlights a microphone next to a student's name, indicating that the student is speaking at the time.


Here is another screen capture image showing the use of white boards on which the instructor or students can write for all participants to see as points develop during discussion.


The software we use to enable these live seminars is Connect Pro from Adobe. This brief video from Adobe demonstrates some of the capabilities of the software:


Full technical requirements are listed, here.