Assessment and Grading


In order to earn certificates and credits, students must score passing grades on short, on-line examinations for each of the six substantive course modules. Students must achieve 70% or more in the online exam to pass. Students may take the examination for each module any time after completing the learning activities for that module. Normally, the learning activities for each module are complete at the end of the live seminar on Thursday evenings. Thus, students may take the examination for each module during the week for the module, or they may save up the examinations as a sort of six-part final examination, or any combination thereof. In any event, students must complete successfully all six module examinations by two weeks from the end of the last seminar, unless an extension is requested and granted. That final date by when all examinations must be completed successfully is November 24, 2013, for the fall term 2013 course session. Any student who fails any part of a module examination will be given an opportunity to undertake the assessment again, up to three attempts total.



Final grades for the course are either "pass" or "fail." A "pass" for the course requires:

a "pass" grade on examinations for five of the six substantive course modules,
submission of questions for discussion during the weekly seminars, and
participation in five of the six live seminars.

Students are expected to review the recording of any seminar for which they are absent. Recordings normally are posted within 48 hours of the end of the seminar.

Students must achieve a grade of "pass" for the course in order to earn a certificate and Continuing Education Units (CEU's) for the course.