Library and Resources

Online Digital Library

Enrollment in the course provides access to an online library containing hundreds of documents in Acrobat (PDF) format on topics relevant to the course. The documents were selected for inclusion in order to provide students with readily available materials to assist in research to complete the course writing assignments and to provide any student with a particular interest in a topic or issue to delve as deeply into it as their time and abilities allow. To some extent, this enables students to customize their learning during the course to fit their own interests. The required study in the course moves fairly quickly in order to expose students to the breadth of the field on cyber security, but provided here are resources for students to delve more deeply.

Because of copyright restrictions, students must sign an agreement to use the contents of the digital library for educational purposes only and to not further distribute any document. Clicking the button below will open a sample of the contents of the library. All documents in the sample are either in the public domain or are provided through a Creative Commons License.


Other Resources

From time to time, here we highlight other resources, particularly links to other websites. An example, this is a video released by The Washington Post that does a surprisingly good job of explaining cyber security as opposed to cyber crime or identity theft.